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Member Services

Services  to members are wide ranging and include the following:


Research has shown that reflexologists prefer to have potential clients vetted by the I.F.R before being referred to them for treatment. Conversely enquiries come in from the public in search of a reflexologist in their area as the public prefer the I.F.R to recommend someone rather than find one themselves in the Yellow Pages or on the Web.

In each country the I.F.R holds a database of members and will contact members in cases where a client has requested contact with them, so that they  are able to contact the client directly. Names and Telephone details are given out but no further information. Branches will deal with enquiries in their own countries but work through the umbrella organisation (based in the UK).

To request information on reflexologists in your area, e-mail us at: info@IntFedReflexologists.org 

Or telephone us: (+44) 0870 879 3562





Free Technical and Professional Advice and Support              

The I.F.R. Practitioner/Therapist helpline is a very popular service and the I.F.R staff receive between 50 and 100 calls a day asking for advice on a particular matter. Contact the Help Line on: (+44) 0870 879 3562   or e-mail us at info@IntFedReflexologists.org


Representation (Government & Professional)

In addition to direct benefits,members also gain indirectly from the work the I.F.R carries out on their behalf in many key areas. The I.F.R is a member of the Reflexology Forum and the Forum’s Committee                 on Education and Training, which is the national organisation for standard setting in Reflexology in the U.K.

As a member of these groups the I.F.R is able to represent members at the highest level and have a direct influence on the development of reflexology in the UK. Regular reports and information on progress in these areas are provided to members via the magazine and on the Website.

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